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Book with best-price guarantee

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Send a booking inquiry

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Give a gift voucher

Give a gift voucher

A surprise voucher for a holiday is always a welcome gift. After all, a holiday spent in Forstau, our small mountain village in Salzburg, is guaranteed to do everyone a world of good.

Gift voucher for Familienhotel Unterreith

By post

We will be glad to send the holiday gift voucher for the desired amount to you from Salzburg using the postal service – so that the surprise will be perfect :)

By E-Mail

Faster still, you can also receive your gift by email: Simply print out your holiday gift voucher, give it to your loved-ones, then have them present it at our reception desk when they arrive – everyone is certain to be thrilled.

At that point, the recipient can transform every last cent of their holiday gift voucher into pure joy – be that in the form of accommodations, drinks or meals at Familienhotel Unterreith.

Order and give your gift voucher right now

We will be happy to assist you by phone +43 6454 8461 or simply drop us an email nfhtl-ntrrtht

We will send you the invoice for your holiday gift voucher by email. Payments must be received in advance.
As soon as the full amount has been deposited to our account, we will send you the holiday gift voucher. Postage is free of charge for gift vouchers worth € 70 or more, even overseas.

Gift vouchers for beverages and meals can be obtained at the reception desk. Please pay either in cash or by credit card.

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