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Book with best-price guarantee

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Send a booking inquiry

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Gift Vouchers – terms & conditions and revocation rights

Purchase conditions

The agreement is entered into with Patricia Nießl & Mitges. Familienhotel Unterreith.
Only persons ages 18 and above are entitled to order a gift voucher.

Prices and products

The purchased and/or ordered gift vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash. If you utilize less than the total value of the gift voucher, you will receive a further credit from the hotel.
We are only able to provide an invoice including tax line items at the time services are actually provided, i.e. when the voucher is redeemed (in compliance with Austrian sales tax laws).
We accept no liability for any delays caused by delivery by means of the postal system.
The voucher is only valid when payment has been received in full.
All vouchers are valid for 1 year and must be redeemed within this time period.
All listed prices exclude value added tax, since the voucher represents a 100% credit note. Only when the service is actually billed at the hotel will the value added tax also be calculated in. Photos may vary slightly. Not liable for errors or inaccuracies associated with the item.

Payment options

We will send you the bill for the vouchers by email. You may request the vouchers be delivered by means of the postal service. Payment for the full amount of the voucher must be received in advance.

Postage costs

Postage is free of charge!

Exchanges and returns

If a voucher does not meet your expectations, return it to us in the original packaging within 14 days. This condition will be considered met if the revocation declaration is sent, without any requirement for the customer to provide justification, within the stipulated deadline. However, this revocation right no longer exists if the customer has already begun to take advantage of services in accordance with the agreement prior to the deadline. This revocation right applies to customers who are consumers as defined by the Consumer Protection Act.

Revocation rights

If you wish to withdraw from this agreement, you may use our form template and enclose it with the returned voucher.

Familienhotel Unterreith

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