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Fresh, regional ingredients

Because quality and regionality are very close to our heart, we work closely with other businesses. Our motto: "Fresh is good !"

Trout and Arctic char (organic) are delivered by Thomas Rettensteiner in Forstau, chicken comes from Geflügel Grinschgl in Lasing. We order our meat and sausage from Metzgerei Buchsteiner in Annaberg, eggs from Reifinger in Kremstal, potatoes (organic) from the Schwaiger Farm in Aigen im Ennstal, wines and mulled wine from wineries Sommer / Mörbisch am See and Niessl / Jois, milk (organic) from Haindlberg Farm in Forstau, and other dairy products from Molkerei Salzburgmilch. When it comes to schnapps, we place our trust in Schnapsbrennerei Hanusch in Salzburg.

Cheers to everyone!

Familienhotel Unterreith

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